There’s no such thing as a single story

Yenka Oplinus aan het werk | Logo & Huisstijl
There are as many stories as there are interactions with your brand, product or service.

There’s always an internal understanding and the external perception. There’s the emotional interpretation and the rational choices made by colleagues, leads or customers. And that’s fine, as long as all versions are authentic and truthful. A brand needs to reflect the organisation, and brands need internal support to grow and prosper.

Lobkey Monster | Logo & huisstijl
Tineke Vandeweyer aan het werk | UX | UI | IA | Wireframes | Webdesign
Lobkey Monster

Our own brand name reflects our approach and philosophy − Lobkey Monster is a unique combination of two different entities: a lobster and a monkey. Lobsters cut when and where necessary, while monkeys juggle with what is left. Those two actions generate new insights, create possibilities, and initiate a fresh start for brands, organisations and their driving forces.

Lobkey Monster | Branding Agency | Typografie
A continuous challenge

Over the past few years, we’ve worked for a wide variety of clients: start-ups with a great idea, corporations whose customers experienced a certain brand fatigue, and organisations who had to reinvent their services because of a changing reality or shift in customer expectations.
Each time, we’ve structured and restructured, branded or rebranded, designed and redesigned. Each time, we’ve guided our clients to new possibilities, packed with a clear strategy, a distinctive identity and efficient tools. We’re proud of all those Monster Brands. Once again, they kick ass!

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