00/ The Challenge

Photographer Jef Boes struggled with his online portfolio and hardly ever got the visual story told he had in mind. He needed a new website and got in touch with the monsters.

  • digital strategy
  • graphic design
  • user experience (UX)
  • user interface (UI)
  • webdesign
  • webdevelopment
  • wireframes

01/ Strategy

Once you’ve worked with Jef Boes, you know. And you remember. He’s one of a kind. Both in his work and as a person. He wanted it all to be told on his new portfolio site. He wanted this. And that. Picture this! Imagine that. Jef wanted it all.┬áNow. And he got it. All of his stories.

02/ Identity

We created the online structure, the work of Jef filled it. The website of a photographer is all about his visual identity and work, we developed the online context for the universe of Jef Boes.

03/ Essentials

There’s more to this photographer’s website than his pictures. We’ve added his personal story and the necessary structure to discover the variety of Jef’s work. Please do explore his tear sheets, watch one of his movies or scroll through the people and work he has framed so far.

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