00/ The Challenge

June always had the ambition to be Belgium’s leading travel magazine. The editorial team’s content always supported that ambition − June featured lively articles about the world’s most surprising places and tasteful experiences. Reading june.be made you dream immediately. But the site was hard to find, and too often visitors left after reading only one article. Could we change that and keep visitors engaged?

  • strategy
  • digital strategy
  • corporate identity
  • graphic design
  • information architecture (IA)
  • wireframes
  • user experience (UX)
  • webdesign
  • webdevelopment
Responsive website voor june. a travel magazine | Webdesign

01/ Strategy

A good magazine guides you through its content and includes the element of surprise. Both content-wise and otherwise. So, we analysed all of the blog posts june.be had made over the past few years and made some choices: some content disappeared, other content reappeared! In a second step, we made sure readers could find what they were looking for, adding the necessary paths and functionalities to guide readers to the most relevant content.

As a result, june has transformed from a travel blog into the online travel magazine that can’t be overlooked − by both travellers and advertisers.

02/ Identity

The analysis and strategy resulted in an entire rebranding and a renewed june was born! Lobkey Monster created a new website, updated june’s stationery, provided all necessary social media ingredients, and revised both the newsletter templates and all sales material.

03/ Essentials

We changed june.be from a hidden travel blog into an exciting online travel magazine. As a result, the website offers you an endless travel and culinary experience. Read it and fall in love − it’s worth it to #stayjuned!

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