00/ The Challenge

Michael inherited the passion for handmade furniture from his father and grandfather. He had been building his business, carving wood into fine custom made furniture for almost 10 years when he reached out for us. In order to grow, he realised his brand had to be refurbished.

  • Strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Identity
  • UX design
2 atelier mitch foto’s meubels

01/ Strategy

In order to help building a suitable strategy to grow Michael’s studio for custom-made furniture and interior projects, we visited his workshop and watch Michael carving. Our brand analysis audit resulted into a namestorming session. We buried Gasto Woodworks and starting shaping Atelier Mitch.

3 atelier mitch meubels en interieur logo

02/ Identity

The growth strategy for his studio had to be reflected in a new identity. Atelier Mitch was born and strongly emphasises the craftsmanship of Michael’s skills and expertise. The new identity is unmistakably Michael’s and so is the additional photography from his studio and his work.

4 atelier mitch website

03/ Essentials

A new website, the suitable supporting social media channels and his company van were the three main points of contact to develop. Today Michael shares fast updates on Facebook and Instagram, keeps his portfolio up-to-date on his website and moves daily from one client to another in and around Ghent.

5 atelier mitch website