00/ The Challenge

Ten years ago Chris Vandenberghe engineered a practical planning tool. He successfully launched his smart SaaS-solution, started servicing his first customers and labeled his product DPlanAid. As his planning software and business grew, potential leads did not recognise the Dynamic Planning Aid Chris was offering in his initial brand promise. A rebranding became inevitable and we start rewriting his brand and user stories.

  • Namestorming
  • Identity

01/ Strategy

We gathered the owner, lead developer, sales and Unizo advisor and organised three audit sessions. We accurately charted the history of DPlanAid as brand and organisation. We mapped all strengths and opportunities, and also pinpointed the potential thresholds for further growth.

The analysis of the product, service, brand and market clearly indicated the fastest growth could be made B2B. The audit sessions resulted into a strong business-to-business growth strategy and we drew the most relevant customer journeys to explore.

I was so proud of my software solution, I genuinely thought DPlanAid could be sold without actually selling it. I was convinced the efficiency of DPlanAid would proof its worth without explanation, but the brand analysis audit proved me wrong. Our B2B customer journeys now explain.

02/ Identity

Although DPlanAid  contains all necessary elements to explain the Dynamic Planning Support Tool it actually is, but the name evoked the idea of a NGO too often. The tool had grown, the communication and branding were stuck in the early years. Time to innovate!

An internal namestorm session resulted an unanimous choice of timaster as new brand name and the baseline “unlock your planning potential” was added. We had timaster trademarked and protected by KOB and designed a complete new visual identity.

03/ Essentials

All DPlanAid communication needed to be revised and rebranded in order to ensure the professional quality and reliability the tool actually deserves. Because of the decision to focus on the B2B-market, we started by revising the corporate presentation and elevator pitch in close cooperation with the sales responsible. Secondly we focussed on the SaaS-solution and integrated the new visual identity into all details of the actual tool with the support of the lead developer. Next up is the revision of the website: coming soon.